Creating original and inspiring digital content to share with your audiences and customers


Planning and implementing unique online campaigns to get your message across


Developing your in-house skills and showing you how to create amazing content by yourself

People love the new. They love stories, experiences and compelling content they can share with each other.

We will help your company tap into that, connecting you with online communities and producing creative media for your audience to engage with.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Editing or writing articles, features, interviews for online and print media
  • Writing copy for your website
  • Blogging and tweeting for a special event or on a regular basis
  • Advising on blog and microsite design and development
  • Producing multimedia content: videos, podcasts, photography, infographics, posters and presentations

We believe every organisation or brand has a story to tell. Thanks to the internet and new technologies, they can break down geographic barriers and spread content worldwide.

Whether you only have 5 minutes a day or 50 hours a week to dedicate to your online presence, you need to be able to identify and work with the most influential opinion formers.

Lume Labs can make the most of your resources and get your target audience talking.

We can help you:

  • Develop tailored content plans for engagement via social media and put them into practice
  • Identify the right influencers and communities to help you spread your message
  • Reach out to bloggers to promote product launches, events and other news
  • Monitor online conversations, social media activity and report results to you

Our philosophy is that savvy research and effective planning can make the difference between an online campaign that flies or flops.

To make the most of the online world, you need to be alert and able to react quickly to what is happening and what people are saying. You need to have a consistent tone across different social media channels and have interesting things to say to keep your audience engaged.

We can help your company feel at home on the internet so that it continues to benefit long after our project has finished.

We can assist you by:

  • Training you and your staff to navigate and exploit social media
  • Developing your online voice and brand identity
  • Running creative brainstorming sessions on what content to share
  • Showing you how to engage directly with your peers and customers
  • Planning your long-term social media strategy

We can teach you how to create amazing content by yourself