What is Lume Labs?

Monday 17th September 2012

It all started with The Ballet Bag , a dance blog that in a way is so much more than “just a blog”! Linda and I set TBB up because of our love of ballet and over its 3 years online, we have been lucky to gather plaudits and mentions from Vanity Fair Editor James Wolcott (“[a blog] that is clearly on the side of beauty, transcendence, rapture, civilisation and a fun night out”), US fashion blog Go Fug Yourself and Time Out London (“a chic webzine”). Thanks to our interactions with professionals, colleague bloggers, critics and dance audiences, we have had the chance to meet wonderful, very opinionated people and to observe what arts audiences enjoy, the type of content that makes them “click”.

Through TBB we reach thousands of ballet enthusiasts every week via subscriptions and social media pages (we are among the most influential dance twitterers). TBB had a social media presence from day one and – even though the social media landscape has evolved and continues to do so – we still highly recommend Twitter and Facebook as two essential channels for any organisation or brand who’s trying to make the most of its resources and get audiences or customers talking.

In much the same way we set up The Ballet Bag to connect with dance audiences, we set up Lume Labs to help these organisations and brands connect with their own communities: to create online campaigns, identify what is bold and beautiful on the web, and to teach them how to create and share amazing content. TBB was not only our very first client: it was and continues to be an interesting case study for new marketing avenues. It is our very own “lab experiment”. Our attention to detail, good eye for visuals, a knack for logical structure, interesting facts, a bit of geekery and huge baggage of cross-cultural references are some of the reasons why The Ballet Bag has been successful and these are some of the values that now also define Lume.

Don’t forget to say hello AT lumelabs.com if we can help you with a bit of storytelling, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, with creative media in general or even if you just want to brainstorm and bounce off ideas with us.

(PS: why the name Lume, you ask? Stay tuned… we’ll tell all…)