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We have produced a number of infographics and interactive posters for the Royal Opera House:

To highlight the 2012/13 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons, we have created posters that condense data for both the Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, keeping a balance between the ROH’s traditional visual identity and a modern look.

You can read more about these commissions at Culture Hive, the Arts Marketing Association‘s digital repository.

In addition, we also worked with the ROH to create a family tree that dissects the many characters in Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet Mayerling. This poster, fleshing out the relationships between complex characters, was displayed in public spaces to UK audiences as part of the ROH’s Big Screens live broadcasts.

More recently, we created a decision tree to help audience members select a perfect production to watch during the 2015/16 ROH Live Cinema Season.

Services used

Content Production / Multimedia Content (Infographics)

Culture City: Twitter Tips from the ROH ScreengrabWe were asked by the Royal Opera House to take over the organisation’s Twitter account to report on the world premiere of a new ballet: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Our assignment at the event – a gala evening attended by patrons and celebrities – included reporting on the preparations backstage, interviewing the dancers and the creative team, and polling the audience for their reactions.

This was all relayed live to the 40,000 Twitter followers of @RoyalOperaHouse. We also wrote complementary blog posts illustrated with exclusive pictures we took of the evening.

Under the hashtag #AliceinTwitterland, this special relay not only generated great levels of engagement on Twitter, it also attracted coverage in The Wall Street Journal and other publications, earning us a spot among the “100 Greatest Arts Tweeters” (The Times).


What happened in London may be something of an advance in the way that the arts use social media. For the gala opening of “Alice” on March 2, the Royal Opera House decided against using its own team for the Twitter feed. Instead it partnered with Emilia Spitz and Linda Uruchurtu
Culture City Online, The Wall Street Journal, March 2011.

Services used

Tweeting a special event / Content Production / Multimedia (photography & video) 

The Royal Opera House approached us to find an alternative channel to promote the world premiere of a new chamber opera directed by Wayne McGregor. We thought the story, based on the New York Times best seller “SUM” by author and neuroscientist David Eagleman, would appeal to readers of Wired Magazine as a great example of how new and developing technology affects culture.

We interviewed both Eagleman and McGregor and wrote two complementary pieces: an article introducing the new work published on Wired.co.uk, plus a feature with quotes from director Wayne McGregor for the ROH blog.

Services used

Content Production / Articles for online media  

We were asked by the Royal Opera House to write a piece for their blog on the creative teams involved in Metamorphosis: Titian 2012, looking at how three new ballets responded to Titian paintings in different ways.

As part of this assignment we attended rehearsals at the ROH where we shot images of these different ballets. The images were then shared across the Royal Opera House’s social media channels, including Flickr and Instagram.

The last performance of Titian in July 2012 marked Artistic Director Monica Mason’s retirement and, on this occasion, we documented for our clients, the ROH, Mason’s last curtain calls on the main stage.

Services used

Content Production / Articles for online media / Multimedia Content (Photography)


We took over the @RoyalOperaHouse Twitter account to report on the live streaming at Trafalgar Square of the Royal Ballet’s performance of  “Manon”.

Key to the assignment was to keep an active dialogue with audiences present at the event, posting relevant content, including exclusive images. This included running a DVD promotion for those attendees with the “most stylish picnics”.

Services used

Tweeting a Special Event /  Content Production / Multimedia (photography)